Hello and welcome to my small kingdom of colour, with echoes of music here and there... 

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Colour is my therapy,  my addiction, my drug. It is the best expression I have found to answer the darkness and stormy days that come without warning. The darkness is real, both inside us and out, but so is the light; so is the colour. There are two cathartic ways to deal with the darker things of life through the medium of art: first, to depict the trouble itself and get all the messiness out on a page, secondly, to throw bright vividness right back at the cavernous void that seeks to swallow it. While I have deep respect for artists who choose the first route, I have found true expression through the second. To me, light is the only weapon. Light will always win.

These are the concepts I love to explore in my paintings, observing how the blackness interacts with blinding colour, and how the colour, confined by strict darkness, shines ever brighter and freer. For personalized conceptual art, please contact me and let me know what you have in mind. 

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