Round Me Falls The Night


Round me falls the night

Saviour, be my light

Through the hours in darkness shrouded

Let me see thy face unclouded

Let thy glory shine

In this heart of mine


Earthly work is done

Earthly sounds are none

Rest in…

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Cold Wind

Life's a one way train

Just a one way ride

Time comes for everyone

No matter how you try and hide

There's a cold wind coming

Couldn't stop it if I tried

Couldn't stop it if I tried


Funny how…

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Drive On


There’s a wild wind blowing through the city tonight

Like the rhythm of a runaway song 

And it’s got me going, going halfway mad

To get out where I belong 

Cause I’m bleeding memories and fighting ghosts

Everywhere I go 

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Now the day is drawing

To it’s quiet end

Another day of wandering 

On fragile paper penned

And nothing will remain here 

But memories and ghosts 

Fair sunshine’s light has faded

’Tis darkness coming close 


Awaiting in the shadows 


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I Don't Love You


You’re made of magic 

That I cannot touch 

Your voice is music 

That I’ve never even heard 

And when you turn 

The whole world turns with you 

And in my sleep

Somehow I know you’re there 



And I don’t…

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Easter Meditations

So happy to share this Easter album! I went through my back catalogue of 'almost-done', put in 30 more hours of mixing and mastering, AND added two new tracks that no Easter CD should be without - "Alas, and Did…

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April Morning

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Maybe I don't know you like I thought

Maybe you're a maze, and I will never find the end

You're a man of mysteries, I know

Keeping everybody out, 

But I'm the girl who won't let go



Let me…

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December Song


December comes again 

But you, you never will 

Snowflakes and reindeers be damned, I miss you 

It is getting colder every night 

The city sleeps so quietly like you buried in the snow 


I wish I could escape the crowds…

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I am flying, falling, spinning out of control You are my parachute rescue  
I am frozen solid, a castle carved in ice You are the autumn sun to warm me    So don’t tell me I’m better off without you 
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Open Road Blues


He’s walking all day 

Walking most of the night 

Can’t seem to find 

Anything to make it right 

The road goes on and on 

No end in sight 


Since she’s been gone 

Nowhere feels like home 

The angry sun’s beating…

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Was it just yesterday she left without goodbye 

Or was it a lifetime since I cried the ocean dry 

One quiet night she slipped away into the shadowlands 

I don’t even need to understand 



I just miss her 


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