I am flying, falling, spinning out of control

You are my parachute rescue 

I am frozen solid, a castle carved in ice

You are the autumn sun to warm me 


So don’t tell me I’m better off without you 


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Open Road Blues


He’s walking all day 

Walking most of the night 

Can’t seem to find 

Anything to make it right 

The road goes on and on 

No end in sight 


Since she’s been gone 

Nowhere feels like home 

The angry sun’s beating…

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Was it just yesterday she left without goodbye 

Or was it a lifetime since I cried the ocean dry 

One quiet night she slipped away into the shadowlands 

I don’t even need to understand 



I just miss her 


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It's not the first time I've fallen for the enemy  

Not the first time I've gone rogue 

It's not the first time I got a little dirt on my face 

Found out a couple things I shouldn't know 

It's not…

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Burn Another Bridge


I’m not your fool  

I didn’t trust you from day one  

I know the kind of things  

The kind of people like you’ve done  

I’m not the one  

With everything to lose  

Look what your pretty little kingdom’s turned into  

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