1. Enemy
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It's not the first time I've fallen for the enemy 
Not the first time I've gone rogue
It's not the first time I got a little dirt on my face
Found out a couple things I shouldn't know

It's not the first time I've been a threat
Kingdoms fall one man at a time
They print their pages and it's yours to read
But the story is mine

Every dark side’s got a little light
Every lie’s got a little truth
Don’t tell me who to turn to
Don’t tell me who to trust
Don’t tell me who’s the enemy
Cause I know

Tell me you know best; you’re the only way to freedom
And I’ll show you the keys to my own cage
Tell me I’m deluded, tell me I’ll be back
Let me tell you ‘bout my new and wicked ways


You could read my mind a thousand times
Try to sell my secrets, I don’t care
I’ve been digging for years and years and I won’t quit
There’s a pony in there somewhere


© Anastace. 2020