Hi! I'm Anastace, a music producer, songwriter, and vocalist based in Canada. I've been writing and recording music for about 18 years, and am excited to announce that as of June 2024, songs that I have produced, sung on, or written have now cumulatively surpassed 2.9 million streams across Spotify, Apple, and Youtube! I'm honoured, and also grateful to those who have trusted me with their music projects to make that happen- check out the "News" tab to hear some of the talented artists I've worked with. I also can't wait to share many more exciting projects behind the scene coming soon - sign up for my mailing list below to keep in the loop, if you like!

Another big delight of mine is mentoring and teaching the next generation of songwriters and musicians, teaching students as young as 5 and as mature as 85 the basics and details of what it takes to make a really great song! If you're interested in music production or songwriting classes, just get in touch to see what openings are available or to join the wait list.

Even when busy I'm always happy to network with more artists and musicians to collaborate and make always more GREAT music. Below are my updated production and vocal reels, so you can hear examples of styles I've produced and written, and if you are interested in making something together, get in touch at with the specifics of your project.

Happy music-making!



Services I offer:

  • Music Production 
  • Songwriting and music lessons [ages 5-95!]
  • Toplining and harmonies for your track
  • Consulting - how to get your music up to Spotify, branding, artist career ideas and planning, how to create videos and Youtube shorts, etc.
  • Unique and artistic lyric videos- either by commission or I can teach you how to make them!
  • Mixing, with a specialty in choral music and ballads
  • Vocal editing services for producers
  • Creating piano sheet music and choral arrangements of your music or teaching you how!
  • Album art design 


I help artists with all the basics they need to start building their own music career! If you are starting from the absolute beginning, I can help you with everything from selecting an artist name that represents your personal artistic vision, to honing a music style you love, to creating websites and social media content that you can use to move ahead in the industry and build your musical world! If you have specific or general questions about anything above, get in touch with me to book a consultation. 


Have a wonderful and musical day!


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I'm a songwriter-producer who's been writing, recording, and producing music for over 18 years. I have a lot of fun producing music for artists, doing session work as a vocalist and top liner, as well as writing custom tracks for everything from podcast themes to ad music to personalized songs for special occasions. I work with artists to bring their musical dreams to reality, helping turn ideas and fragments of lyrics into polished professional songs that they can be proud of and use to move ahead in the industry. I am always happy to hear demos and and chat about possible collaborations- just drop me a line to discuss more. Have a great and musical day!