Your Move Now - Jaden Perry x Anastace collab

So excited about this song- Jaden Perry is a world-class producer from Germany, and it was such a thrill to add a soaring, powerful topline to this absolutely classic trance track he made. Stay tuned for a few more songs coming down the pipe from this musical partnership, and definitely follow Jaden's Youtube channel too if you like this high energy old-school trance. Click through to the video for all links :) 

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I'm a songwriter-producer based in Toronto, and I've been writing, recording, and producing music for over 17 years. I have a lot of fun doing session work as a vocalist and top liner, as well as writing custom tracks for everything from podcast themes to ad music to personalized songs for special occasions and productions. I work with artists to bring their musical dreams to reality, helping turn ideas and fragments of lyrics into polished professional songs that they can be proud of and use to move ahead in the industry. I am always happy to hear demos and and chat about possible collaborations- just drop me a line to discuss more. Have a great and musical day!