Here you'll find other side projects and productions I've done for other artists...

I Did It All For You

A bluesy indie-rock track featuring the talented Lilac Moon! This catchy, jazzy song will have you tapping your foot and singing along for days!

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Unstoppable - Emerald River

So excited to announce this new song out today, January 1, 2023, just in time for all those New Year's Resolutions! Emerald River is back with another great song, this time a very danceable and empowering anthem that's sure to make you wonder what else is possible and dream of big things! I had so much fun producing this song for her.


A Place to Dock

An uplifting, orchestral trailer style piece for A Place To Dock's YouTube channel. 16 seconds but a big movie feel! 

Hymn Portfolio

A full 94 songs produced for this channel so far, and so happy to see it doing really well with the YouTube algorithm and reaching an audience all around the world. In the first 4.5 months since the channel's inception it's gained over 800 subscribers and over 120,000 plays total. Here's an overview of all the best moments so far...

We Three Kings

I've done some orchestral work for hire but nothing I could share, so put this one together as a Christmas special and demonstration of this style of orchestral drama mixed with haunting Celtic-style vocals. It was SO fun to work on.