Round Me Falls the Night - rewriting the music for a hymn from the 1800s!

I found this treasure of a hymnbook so old that you can see the imprint of the text from the opposite side, and can run your fingers over the words and feel them, raised on the page from being printed with old leaded plates! When I found this beautiful old evening hymn, I loved the concept but felt a minor setting would suit the mood better, so rewrote the melody in a minor key and harmonized it for four part chorale... It was such a wonderful song to work on- I hope it brings some inspiration and solemnity to an evening or two for you!

Here it is on Spotify and Apple Music, or you can watch the lyric video on Youtube below:

Do you have a favourite hymn you like the words of but wish there was different music? Or favourite music that you wish had words? I'm always on the hunt for great material to work with so just let me know in the comments or by email! :) 

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