The Darkest Jingle Bells - EPIC CINEMATIC Jingle Bell Rewrite

This was meant to be just something quick and fun I made to show my songwriting and music production students but quickly took on a life of it's own and has been haunting my December ever since [THREE DAYS AGO!?!?]. It is undoubtedly the saddest, darkest, and probably most haunting version of Jingle Bells that is dancing around the corners of the internet, with soaring melodies and cinematic drama that will send chills down your spine... If you like epic orchestral music with female vocals, this is the Christmas song for you!


Also I'm currently taking new production clients for January - if this is a style you would like for a project you're working on do get in touch. I'm also happy to do vocals or songwriting / toplining on tracks that would match this style - just get in touch! I've been having a ball working on some truly epic cinematic tracks recently that will be released in the next year for some exciting projects. Just email me at and let me know your music details so we can see what's possible! 

This track is available on all streaming platforms and music stores by visiting

Wishing you a merry and beautiful Christmas full of music and remembering what matters - friends and family and the warmth of love that keeps us warm against the cold of the winter and fragility of life. 


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