December Song


December comes again 

But you, you never will 

Snowflakes and reindeers be damned, I miss you 

It is getting colder every night 

The city sleeps so quietly like you buried in the snow 


I wish I could escape the crowds, the dirty city streets, 

I wish I could go back in time 



To my December song 

I'll sing it in the silence 

When everyone's here smiling but you 

My December song 

Cause it's never been the same 

Since you were gone 

I'll bring you back for a moment 

With my December song 


The stores are full of people 

And all the pretty lights 

Shine for someone who isn't coming home 

The snowdrifts pile up, I pull my coat on tighter 

and go on wandering alone 


[repeat chorus]


© Anastace 2015

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