Now the day is drawing

To it’s quiet end

Another day of wandering 

On fragile paper penned

And nothing will remain here 

But memories and ghosts 

Fair sunshine’s light has faded

’Tis darkness coming close 


Awaiting in the shadows 

The dying of the light 

One candle lonely flickering 

And blurring in my sight 

I lift my soul to heaven 

And find no answer there 

The truth is never closer 

Than in midnight’s solemn air


We fade as does the twilight 

O’er plains and rolling hills 

We carry each the longing 

No word can ever fill 

And only hope eternal 

Unlikely as it seems 

Can keep us through the silence 

Of evil’s darkest dreams 


Though eyes see only darkness 

The earth is turning still 

Soon will the light awaken 

As heaven’s law has willed 

And in the morning’s dawning 

O let me not forget 

The speeding of the hours 

To evening’s silhouette 


© Anastace. 2022


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